EV Observe - Use MS-Azure-PaaS-Metrics_v2 Service Template

Last modified on 2023/06/23 16:43

A set of service templates dedicated to the monitoring of Azure PaaS objects enables you to deploy services quickly.

     Open url.png See the service template catalog

The MS-Azure-PaaS-Metrics_v2 service template uses Microsoft APIs to collect metrics on Azure PaaS objects, such as HTTP request response time, loading time for a web page, HTTP queue length, etc.


  • To use the MS-Azure-PaaS-Metrics _v2 service template, specific prerequisites must first be met. Open url.png See the detailed procedure

Procedure: How to use the service template


Open url.png See the detailed procedure Configure Azure and Microsoft 365 Monitoring Prerequisites

Step 1: Create the new service


1. Go to the Web app.

2. Select the company from the company tree structure.


  • The selected company must be associated with a Box.
  • You can create a new company. Open url.png See the procedure

    Company tree structure.png

3. Create a new service.

  • Select Configuration > Services > List in the menu.
  • Click + Add in the Mode: Box tab. 

4. Specify the information below.

General information tab
         MS-Azure-PaaS-Metrics_v2 - Add service.png

  • Service template: Select the MS-Azure-PaaS-Metrics_v2 service template.

Availability and checks tab
         MS-Azure-PaaS-Metrics_v2 - Add metric.png

5. Click Validate.

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