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Last modified on 2023/06/28 16:43

Nutanix offers a cloud virtualization  platform based on a hyperconverged infrastructure designed to host and store virtual machines by deploying clusters.

Clusters are made up of servers (nodes) that embed CPU, RAM, network, storage (SSD disks and HDD) as well as hypervisors.
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One virtual machine runs on each node, enabling local storage to be shared among all nodes within the cluster.
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You can use the Box to collect information on each component in the Nutanix infrastructure using dedicated service templates.
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  • To use services based on Nutanix, the following is required:
    • A Nutanix Prism account with read rights to query the Nutanix API.
    • SNMPv2 or SNMPv3 configuration information.

Monitoring of different components

Monitoring of the Nutanix cluster

These service templates are used to check the status and performance of a Nutanix cluster.

  • Nutanix-Cluster-Status
  • Nutanix-Cluster-IOPS
  • Nutanix-Cluster-Latency
  • Nutanix-Cluster-IOBandwidth

Monitoring of Nutanix cluster storage

This service template is used to monitor general storage usage of the Nutanix cluster by checking the capacity and performance of storage disks.

  • Nutanix-Cluster-StorageUsage

In the event of a warning, these service templates are used to check storage containers and storage pools and identify the cause of the warning.

  • Nutanix-Container-Usage
  • Nutanix-StoragePool-Usage

Monitoring of Nutanix blocks

This service template is used to monitor the state of health of Nutanix blocks within the cluster.

  • Nutanix-Disk-Status

Monitoring of Nutanix node hypervisors

Monitor the state of health of hypervisors in each Nutanix node.

If you are using VMware, you can use these service templates to monitor the state of health of ESXs.

  • VMware-ESX-CPU
  • VMware-ESX-Datastore
  • VMware-ESX-DiskIO-Read
  • VMware-ESX-DiskIO-Write
  • VMware-ESX-Hardware
  • VMware-ESX-NetUsage
  • VMware-ESX-RAM
  • VMware-ESX-Runtime_Issues
  • VMware-ESX-Runtime_status
  • VMware-ESX-Services
  • VMware-ESX-Services-WithExclusion
  • VMware-ESX-SWAP


IT Weather

Once monitoring is set up for the cluster components, you can create your IT Weather. In the event of a warning, you can access the root cause of the cluster degradation directly.

Best Practice icon.png  Use the Diagram widget to model your Nutanix cluster.

example  Diagram of the Nutanix user service: cluster degradation is due to a critical warning from Pool Usage 1 in Container 1

          Nutanix - Weather.png

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