EV Observe - Use DataCore SANsymphony Service Templates

Last modified on 2023/05/31 15:05

DataCore SANsymphony is a storage virtualization solution.

You can use the Box to collect information on DataCore SANsymphony hosts using dedicated service templates.
    Open url.png See the service template catalog


  • REST templates have been deprecated and replaced with PowerShell templates.
  • The PowerShell templates are compatible with the following versions:
    • Windows Server 2012 and later
    • SANsymphony-V 10.0 PSP3 and later


  • When configuring a DataCore infrastructure, certain DataCore servers are isolated on a private network. To enable monitoring from the Box, you must ensure it can access the DataCore servers.
  • In the service template parameters, the Name of the DataCore server field refers to the DataCore server to be monitored. Even if the service template is implemented directly on the DataCore host, you must still specify this field.

Monitoring of DataCore SANsymphony-V

Apply the following service templates.

Best Practice icon.png  Open url.png See the service template catalog for the detailed description.

  • DATACORE-PS-Client-Status
  • DATACORE-PS-Alert-level
  • DATACORE-PS-Physical-Disk-Status
  • DATACORE-PS-Pool-Disk-Status
  • DATACORE-PS-Snapshot-Status
  • DATACORE-PS-Virtual-Disk-Status
  • DATACORE-PS-Port-Metric
  • DATACORE-PS-Port-Status


IT Weather

          DataCore SANsymphony weather.png


  • Monthly availability analysis for a DataCore server and service
  • Daily changes in average and average hourly peak
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