EV Observe - Configure SNMP on Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11

Last modified on 2023/06/26 10:03

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is an operating system for servers developed by Novell.

To use service templates for monitoring SLES applications, you must first configure the SNMP protocol.

Procedure: How to configure SNMP for SLES version 11

1. Log in to the host to be monitored as the root user.

2. Run the command below to install the Net-SNMP package for your SUSE Linux Enterprise distribution.

# yast2 -i net-snmp

3. Configure SNMP.

  • Run the command below.

# snmpconf -i

  • Enter the required information for the system prompts.
    • Select all (Read in and merge the SNMP configuration files).
    • Select option #1 (Create snmpd.conf).
    • Select option #1 (Access Control Setup).
    • Select option #3 (Setup a read-only access community).
      • Specify the SNMP community.
      • Press <Enter> (Allow all hosts and network addresses to access the community).
      • Press <Enter> (Not restrict the community to any specific OID).
    • Select finished.
    • Select finished.
    • Select quit.

4. Run the command below to restart the SNMP service.

# rcsnmpd restart

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