EV Observe - Configure SNMP on Alcatel Switch Monitoring Prerequisites

Last modified on 2024/01/30 18:14

To monitor Alcatel switches based on the SNMP protocol, specific prerequisites must first be met.

Procedure: How to configure SNMP for an Alcatel switch

Step 1: Configure the switch

1. Log in to the host to be monitored with the SSH or Telnet protocol.

2. Run the commands below.

  • Replace <ip_box> with the values of your environment.

IP service SNMP
user snmpuser password supervision read-only all no auth
aaa authentication snmp "local"
snmp security no security
snmp community map "public" user "snmpuser" on
snmp station <ip_box> "snmpuser" v2 enable

example  snmp station "snmpuser" v2 enable

Step 2: Check that SNMP works correctly on the switch

1. Run the command below.

write memory
copy working certified

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