EV Observe - Configure AWS Monitoring Prerequisites

Last modified on 2023/07/06 12:45

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a Cloud platform that provides a virtual environment and offers online services to other websites or client applications.

To use control points based on AWS, specific prerequisites must first be met.

  • You configure these prerequisites once only.
  • This is done in two steps:
    • Create a dedicated monitoring user with read rights for the Amazon CloudWatch service
    • Add access keys to use the AWS API and the AWS region in EV Observe

Procedure: How to configure AWS monitoring prerequisites

Step 1: Create an IAM user in the AWS Management Console that will be dedicated to AWS monitoring 

1. Log in to the AWS Management Console using your AWS account.

2. Select Users > Add user in the left pane.

3. Specify the information for the new IAM user.

  • Enter the user name. This will be the name used for logging in to AWS.
  • Select the Programmatic access access type. This enables the user to call the AWS API.
  • Click Next.

4. Define AWS permissions for the user.

  • Click Attach policies directly to user.
  • Add the CloudWatchReadOnly policy.

5. Click Next and click Create user to create the user.

The access keys required for using the AWS API will automatically be generated for the user.

6. Copy the access key ID (keyID) and the secret access key and paste them in your text editor in order to store them temporarily. They will be required when defining the configuration in EV Observe in step 2.

Step 2: Configure EV Observe

1. Go to the Web app.

2. Add an AWS monitoring account.

  • Select Configuration > General > Monitoring accounts in the menu.
  • Click + Add.
            AWS account configuration.png

3. Specify the information below.

  • Type: Select Amazon Web Services.
  • ServiceNav Application Key ID as declared in AWS: Copy and paste the access key you copied and stored in your text editor in step 1.
  • ServiceNav Application Secret key as declared in AWS: Copy and paste the secret access key you copied and stored in your text editor in step 1.
  • Region where the Amazon resource is used: Specify the AWS geographical region.
    • The value must be identical to the one specified in the AWS Management Console.
    • You can view the regions in the AWS Management Console using the drop-down list in the top banner.

4. Click Validate.

Note: You can modify the monitoring account for a specific host if several AWS regions are specified.

Step 3: Set up monitoring in EV Observe using the AWS_PaaS_CloudWatch service template

        Open url.png See the detailed procedure

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