EV Observe - Configure 3PAR Storage Array Monitoring Prerequisites

Last modified on 2024/04/30 12:00

HPE 3PAR is an external storage array. To monitor 3PAR storage arrays, specific requisites must first be met.


  • To use the dedicated service templates, SSH or HTTP monitoring accounts are required.
  • Monitoring via an HTTP monitoring account uses the 3PAR API.

Procedure: How to configure HPE 3PAR storage array monitoring prerequisites

Via an SSH monitoring account

Perform the configuration directly on the storage array interface in the Users menu.

Via an HTTP monitoring account

Step 1: Enable the 3PAR API

1. Log in to the 3PAR storage array as the root user.

2. Run the command below to enable the 3PAR API.

cli% startwsapi

3. Run the command below to check that it is correctly enabled.

cli% showwsapi

The following result should be returned.

-Service- -State- -HTTP_State- HTTP_Port -HTTPS_State- HTTPS_Port -Version-
Enabled   Active  Disabled         8008             Enabled                   8080        1.4.1

Step 2: Use the dedicated service templates

1. Use the monitoring account with the URL below.

Replace <ip_3PAR_bay> with the values of your environment.


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