EV Observe - Collect Data - Overview

Last modified on 2023/11/28 10:20

The Box monitors information system hosts such as servers and routers at regular intervals by collecting a set of data (metrics and indicators) defined using services.

Services are deployed using service templates available in the Catalog.

  • Each service has its own configuration, e.g. warning threshold, critical threshold, control intervals, notification triggers, availability information, etc.
  • Some of this information is inherited from service templates. It is automatically preloaded and can be customized, e.g. arguments, periods, control intervals, warning thresholds and critical thresholds, etc.
  • Certain services require you to configure monitoring prerequisites before they can be used.


  • New and modified services are only taken into account when the Box configuration is updated.


How to deploy a service using a service template



Certain services require you to configure monitoring prerequisites before they can be used. In this case, you will find a detailed procedure specific to the service.

Step 1: Create the new service in the Web app

1. Select the company where the new service will be implemented.

  • Go to the Web app.
  • Select the company from the company tree structure.


  • The selected company must be associated with a Box.
  • You can create a new company. Open url.png See the procedure

    Company tree structure.png

2. Create the new service associated with the selected company.

  • Select Configuration > Services > List in the menu.
  • Select the Mode: Box tab or Mode:  Agent tab depending on how you want to implement the service.
  • Click + Add.
            Create new service - General information tab.png
  • Select the service template for deploying the new service from the drop-down list.
    The information inherited from the service template will automatically be preloaded. This includes arguments, periods, control intervals, warning thresholds and critical thresholds.
  • Specify the name of the new service in the Name field.
    • Note: The default value is the name of the service template.

Step 2: Configure the service

1. Select each tab and specify the information on the service.

  • Availability and checks tab
    • The fields and parameters to be specified depend on the selected service template.

          Create new service - Availability and checks tab.png

  • Notifications tab
    • Click Yes to enable notifications.
      Notification properties will appear for the component.
    • Select the statuses whose notifications you want to receive.
    • Select the period for which you want to receive notifications. Note: Only for services and hosts.
    • Select the notification contact in the Level 1 contact(s) and contact group(s) section.

          Create new service - Notifications tab.png

Step 3: Select hosts linked to the service

1. Go go the Relations tab.

2. Select each host monitored by the service.

          Create new service - Relations tab.png

3. Click Apply.

The new service will be created and will be linked to the selected hosts.

Step 3: Update the configuration of the Box

1. Generate the configuration of Box, via the Configuration > General > Generation menu.

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