EV Observe - Action Log

Last modified on 2023/06/23 16:42

The action log enables you to view all operations, i.e. creation, deletion or update, performed by a partner, site or customer.


  • Only users whose role is RPC_ADMIN or SIG_ADMIN can view the action log.

Menu access

Administration > Application > Actions

Screen description

          Action logs.png

Date: Date the action was last performed.

Type: Type of action performed, i.e. creation, deletion, update (e.g. changing a service parameter or host name), or execution (e.g. applying the configuration).

Subject: Element on which the action was performed, e.g. host, service, service template, maintenance, contact, etc.

Description: Name of the element.

Owner: User account that performed the action and the associated email address.

Information detail icon.png: Additional information on the action will appear on hover over the icon.

          Action logs - Information detail.png

History detail icon.png: When you click the icon, the history of changes related to the action will appear.

          Action logs - History detail.png

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