EV Observe - Configure the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Last modified on 2023/06/05 12:43

Two-factor authentication or 2FA is used to reinforce the security of the user account. It requires the user to enter a code in order to log in to the Web app.


  • To enable two-factor authentication, you need the Authenticator mobile app or browser extension that supports the TOTP standards (time-based one-time password).
  • Ten one-time passwords will be generated once two-factor authentication is enabled.

Procedure: How to enable two-factor authentication

Step 1: Display information on the user profile

1. Log in to the Web app.

2. Click User profile icon.png in the top banner.

3. Select your account.

       User management zone - Account.png

Information on your user profile will appear.
        Fundamentals - User management zone - Profile information.png

Step 2: Enable two-factor authentication

1. Click Activate in the 2-Factor Authentication section.

The configuration window will appear.
        Two factor authentication configuration.png

2. Follow the steps.

Caution: Remember to write down and keep your ten one-time passwords.

3. Click Confirm.

  • Two-factor authentication will be enabled.
  • When you next log in, you will be required to enter a code to authenticate.
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