Solving Problems in Sending Email

So that email dispatches function correctly in EasyVista, the addressees must comply with certain restrictions:

  • The E_MAIL ("Email address") must be valid by the email server.
  • The field LANGUAGE_ID ("Interface language") must be completed in the database.
  • The field NOTIFICATION_TYPE_ID ("Type of notification") must be completed in the database -  Open url.png  see Employee notifications


  • Check the values in the database because the result in the web interface may be misleading. A value may be completed in the application (e.g.: on the Employee form), but may be empty in the database for inherited from the default values of the platform.
  • In the case for sending email to a group, if only one member of the group does not comply one of the restrictions, then no member of the group will receive the email.

How to solve problems in sending email

1. In the AM_EMPLOYEE table, check that E_MAIL, LANGUAGE_ID, and NOTIFICATION_TYPE_ID fields are completed.
         Example documentation icon EN.png 

SELECT employee_id,last_name,language_id,notification_type_id,e_mail
FROM   am_employee
WHERE  last_name IN ( 'Leblanc, Fred', 'Morley, Frédérique', 'Gounod, Franck' )  

The corresponding result:
         Diagnosing sending email - check table.jpg

2. If it concerns sending email to a group:

  • In EasyVista, on the Group form, check that the box Alert via email is checked (field MAIL_ALERT in the table AM_GROUP).
  • In the table AM_GROUP, check that the field LANGUAGE_ID is completed.
  • If the group has a group email address, check that it is considered valid by your email server.
  • If the group does not have an email address, the email will be sent to all members of the group. Then check the information in the database on all members of the group.

Example documentation icon EN.png 

SELECT g.group_id,g.group_fr,e.last_name,e.language_id,e.notification_type_id,e.e_mail
FROM   am_group g
      INNER JOIN am_emplgroup eg
              ON eg.group_id = g.group_id
      INNER JOIN am_employee e
              ON e.employee_id = eg.employee_id
WHERE  group_fr = 'Postes de travail France'  

The corresponding result:
         Diagnosing sending email - group.jpg

3. If the content of these fields is empty in the database or incoherent, make the necessary updates:

  • Either in the database directly with a query of the UPDATE type.
  • Or in the EasyVista application via the Employee form.

4. If the problem persists, contact the technical support.

Only for clients with an installed base

Provide it:

  • The result of the query for checking in the database, encompassing all of the technicians concerned.
  • The logs for the day after you have purged them and made the call to dispatch the email for which there is a problem.
    • These logs can be found on your application server in the directory "\easyvista\tools\servers\MSSQL\log". 
    • To purge them, either rename this folder, or move the files that it contains by compressing them, or delete them.
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