Solving performance problems

Product name - ev itsm.png can suffer slowness and other performance problems according to its configuration, the activity of users, the processes using a lot of resources (scheduled tasks, business rules, scheduled reportings, trends and alerts), but also the use of various programs (anti-virus).

Optimize the response times of the Product name - ev itsm - big.pngev|Service Manager platform

1. Look for the cause of performance problems.

  • When are these slowdowns worst? When Product name - ev itsm.png starts? During navigation?
  • Are they seen on quite specific menus/modules? (If so, which ones?)
  • On any form in particular?
  • When starting specific actions? 
  • When launching specific wizards?
  • Is this general to all users? From all sites having access to the application?

2. Depending on the cause, correct to optimize the process.

  • Performance problems due to scheduled tasks (scheduled alerts, scheduled reportings, trends calculation, integrations):
    • Plan as much as possible the execution of those which use a lot of resources:
      • outside the platform's production times (at night or during weekends if possible);
      • on the time slots on which there will be the least connected users for "24/7" platforms.
  • Performance problems due to business rules:
    • Check the trigger conditions: only start executing a business rule when this is necessary.

      Example documentation icon EN.png  To start a process as soon as an action of the "Dispatch email" type towards a particular group is generated, configure the conditions in the definition of the business rule rather than adding conditional stages at the beginning of the process.

    • Be careful with processes that are likely to loop.
  • Performance problems due to reporting and views:
    • Minimise as much as possible the number of records and the number of columns displayed.
      • The number of records is specific to each user of the platform, but you may limit it at the level of the platform via the other parameter {ADMIN} Grid: Maximum number of lines.
      • The number of columns corresponds to the different fields to display in the views. Configure several views within a report rather than display a maximum number of fields.
    • Avoid resource-intensive extractions of reports in the middle of the day (whatever the format). Rather use scheduled reportings by planning outside production times.
  • Performance problems due to other programs:
    • Check the schedules of execution of anti-virus, both on the application server and on final users' workstations.

3. If the problem persists and it is slowdowns within Product name - ev itsm.png, declare an incident on the Support site.

  • Take measurements:
    • always for On-Premise platforms (forming part of an installed base, non-SaaS); 
    • for SaaS platforms, only if the support team does not reproduce the observed slowdowns.
  • Provide the following documents attached to the incident. Open url.png See the document EASYVISTA - Troubleshooting performance issues (Product name - ev itsm.png minimum version 2010):
    • the HWL files (HTTPwatch results);
    • the "ShowStack" captures in the form of screenshots or text files.
    • for non-SaaS clients (On-Premise):
      • the SmoServer logs, particularly those containing "Warning": directory "EasyVista > Tools > Server > MSSQL > Log".
      • the Apache logs "error.log" or "access.log": directory "Apache > Logs".

Disable the long polling

Product name - ev itsm.png minimum version 2012

To optimize Product name - ev itsm.png performances, you can disable the long polling:

1. Open the [DocumentRoot]/Config/smo_include.php file on the Web server.
2. Add the line below.

define('DISABLE_LONGPOLLING', true);
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