Contract Views

Different views enable you to monitor contracts.

Payment Schedule

       Contract - Report Payment schedule.png

Menu access: Asset Management > Contracts > Payment Schedule

View displaying the monthly payment amount for current contracts, by period.

End of Lease Returns

       Contract - Report End of lease returns.png

Menu access: Asset Management > Contracts > End of Lease Returns

View displaying the equipment associated with a leasing contract to be returned, by month.

Best Practice icon.png  To extend the duration of a contract, display the contract inventory in Line mode and run the Equipment Prolongation action.

Contract Renewal Decision

       Contract - Report Renawal decision.png

Menu access: Asset Management > Contracts > Contract Renewal Decision

View displaying the contracts where a renewal decision must be made, by expiry date.

  • The expiry date takes into consideration the contract duration and the renewal notice.

    Example documentation icon EN.png  Scheduled expiry date: 10/26/2015, Notice: 3 months
         ==>  Last date for contract renewal decision: latest by 07/26/2015


Contract Renewal Decision: Used to modify the renewal decision for contracts.

Renewal Management

       Contract - Report Renawal management.png

Menu access: Asset Management > Contracts > Renewal Management

View displaying the contracts that should be renewed, by decision date. 

Best Practice icon.png  Use scheduled alerts to define an email to be sent automatically before the contract expires in compliance with the renewal notice period.


Renew: Used to modify the contract renewal date when its expiry approaches. 

  • If you enter a renewal duration, the new scheduled end date will automatically be calculated.
  • If it is a leasing contract, the scheduled end date is updated for all associated equipment and licenses.
  • Access: Also in the Contract form > Renew action.

Finish: Used to specify the contract end date. The contract will be archived. It can no longer be used in EasyVista.

  • Access: Also in the Contract form > Finish action.

Best Practice icon.png  

  • To view expired contracts, use the Archived filter.
  • To reactivate a contract, you should reinitialize its end date or run the Finish action using a date later than the current date.
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