Common Expenses Catalog


The common expenses catalog lists all incidental acquisition expenses that can be charged by suppliers in addition to the cost of invoiced equipment, software or consumables.

example Costs for delivery, onsite installation service fee

  • These expenses are taken into account during invoicing and can be booked in an analytical cost account.
  • The amount for each type of expenses can be common to all suppliers or specific to a given supplier. If required, you should enter an override (a specific amount) for the relevant supplier.


  • Shipping fees related to postal rates are common to all suppliers.
  • If a supplier works with a specific shipping company that applies different rates, you can enter an amount specific to this supplier to take these rates into account.

Screen description

 Common expenses catalog.png

Menu access: Transition > Catalogs > Common Expenses Catalog

Description: Description of the type of expenses.

Default Amount: Amount charged back for the type of expenses. 

  • You can enter a specific amount in the Suppliers tab.

List of tabs

         Common expenses catalog tabs.png

Suppliers: List of suppliers with specific conditions for the type of expenses.


History of Changes: List of all modifications made to the form of the current catalog entry.

  • The fields taken into account are defined using rules in the history of changes accessible in Administration > Parameters > History Management.

Procedure and Wizards

How to create an entry in the catalog

1. Select Transition > Catalogs > Common Expenses Catalog and click Add icon.png.

2. Specify the fields in the form and click Save icon.png.

3. If certain suppliers have specific conditions, you can define them in the Suppliers tab.



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