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A software download package contains all of the parameters required by Product name - ev Click2Get.png for the on-demand installation in silent mode on a workstation via the service catalog. It can also contain instructions for the deletion or update of the software.

  • The service catalog is built via the Product name - ev Click2Get.png module. It is availablt to the users via the Self Help portal.
  • Packages are build from an installer. Open url.png See the Types of installers supported by Product name - ev Click2Get.png.

Operating principle

When users request the installation of a software, the Click2Get Connector agent looks for it in the workstation registry.

  • The search is run using the Software > System Name field which contains the software name and version number, if applicable.
  • If the search is unsuccessful, the [ INSTALL ] button will be displayed in the software catalog form.
  • If the search is successful, the [ RUN ] button will be displayed, enabling users to run the setup.


  • Each download package is protected by a security key, SHA1 Digest. This key enables Product name - ev Click2Get.png to check that the package is identical to the one initially integrated on the Product name - ev Click2Get.png platform.

Best Practice big icon.pngBest practice

  • Product name - ev Click2Get.png requires the software to be installed in a single folder. To do this, we recommend you use an .msi download package or a deployable corporate version. This usually ensures that the files installed will not be deployed in several folders.

Screen description

Menu access: Administration > Click2Get Software Packages
         Click2Get - Software Package.png

Software > User Friendly Name: Name of the software displayed in the service catalog on the portal.

Software > Release: Software version. Note: This field is for information purposes only and is not used when a search is run in the registry. It provides details on the version installed.
         Example documentation icon EN.png  Software > System Name: FastStone Capture 7.5, Software > Release: 7.5.3456

Software > System Name: Software name and its version, if applicable. Note: This field is used for searching if the software is present in the registry and for its installation on the workstation. 

  • If the software name does not have a version number, the system will check if the software is present on the workstation regardless of the version installed.
  • If the software name includes a version number, the system will check if the software version is present. If the software version does not exist on the workstation, then it will be installed.

Example documentation icon EN.png  Workstation on which FastStone Capture is installed

  • Software > System Name = FastStone Capture 7.5  -  version installed on the workstation: 7.4  ==>  installation of version 7.5 while keeping version 7.4
  • Software > System Name = FastStone Capture  -  version installed on the workstation: 7.5  ==>  software is not installed again

Best Practice icon.png  You do not need to specify the version:

  • If you simply want to check whether a given software is present on the workstation.
  • For software that perform automatic updates, e.g. Firefox or Chrome. This will ensure that automatic updates are subsequently run without using Product name - ev Click2Get.png.

Archive > URL: Folder where the software download package is located. The folder can be located on the publisher's website, in the cloud or on a local server.

Archive > SHA1 Digest: Security key associated with the package defined using the SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) hash cryptographic algorithm. Open url.png  See the procedure.

Best Practice icon.png  Use Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier in a command line or a GUI tool such as MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility.

Installation > Path: Default software installation folder on the workstation. 

Best Practice icon.png  You can use the Windows environment variables.
         Example documentation icon EN.png  %PFILES%: Program Files folder ==>  %PFILES%\\FastStone Image Viewer\\FSViewer.exe

Installation > Type: Installer for creating the download package. The information to be specified will depend on the value selected.

         Open url.png See the List of installers supported by Product name - ev Click2Get.png.

Video to Embed > Integration Code: HTML code used during software installation to display information in videos, images or text, for example, to present software features or showcase another product by the same publisher.
         Example documentation icon EN.png  Display a YouTube video that presents software features in FastStone Image Viewer

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Procedures and Wizards

How to calculate the SHA-1 hash value for the software setup executable file

1. Open the URL of the software and save the executable file on the workstation. 

2. Run the hash utility. Select and analyze the executable file.

          You can use Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier in a command line or a GUI tool such as MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility.

        Example documentation icon EN.png  Analysis of the Firefox executable file using MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility
         Click2Get - Software Package - SHA1.png

3. Copy the hash value calculated by the utility and paste it in the Archive > SHA1 Digest field.

   Caution: By modifying just one character, the SHA checksum will be radically modified.

Example documentation icon EN.png

  • SHA1 checksum of the phrase "Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre et gratuite" ==> AFBA34A2A11AB13EEBA5D0A7AA22BBB6120E177B  (encoded in iso8859-1) 
  • SHA1 checksum of the phrase "Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre et gratuitE" ==> 9BEF2485410E9378BC9ADFB3E32236AF4F683FA2

How to add a new software to the portal

1. In Product name - ev itsm.png:

  • Create the software download package and specify the information related to the setup.
  • In the menu, select Operation > Catalogs > Service Requests and select the software catalog form to be added to the portal. Run the Assign a Click2Get Software Package wizard and select the download package for on-demand installation.

2. In Product name - ev sas.png:

3. Open the portal in execute mode.

  • Display the service catalog for Software service requests using the Software filter.
  • Check that the new software catalog form is displayed.
  • Open the form and check that the [ INSTALL ] button for installing the software in silent mode is displayed.


Update: Used to modify the form for the software download package.

Delete: Used to delete the form for the software download package.

The types of installers supported

The Installation > Type field enables you to select the type of installer from which the download package was built.

Installer of the publisher

     ==>  Installation > Type = custom

The download package was built using the installation program specific to the publisher. It may integrate several parameters called custom switches that must be identified so that the software is correctly installed. Specify these parameters in the Command Line Parameters field. Use a space to separate parameters.

  • Simple switches: -ms /S
  • Complex switches: /quiet /passive /norestart
  • Highly complex switches: -gm2 /hide_progress /s /v"/quiet /qn"
             Example documentation icon EN.png  Microsoft Office Excel Viewer ==> Command Line Parameters = /quiet /passive /norestart

Open url.png  See two sites on silent installation switches:
Deployer Happiness
IT Ninja (formerly called App Deploy)

Inno Setup Installer

     ==>  Installation > Type = innosetup

The download package was created using the Inno Setup installer.

InstallShield Installer

     ==>  Installation > Type = installshield

The download package was created as a .cab archive file (Cabinet File, a Microsoft compressed file) using the InstallShield installer. This file must be decompressed to extract setup.exe from the download package.

1. Perform a full installation manually.
A configuration file also known as an answer file will be generated.

2. Perform the same installation on the user workstation using the answer file in silent mode.

  • Caboffset: Position of the .cab archive file in the overall file. Note: To be specified only if InstallShield used the CAB format to create the download package.
  • ISS File Content: Paste the contents of the answer file generated during the test installation.
    Caution: Prior to integration:
    • Replace the destination path in the file.
    • The file must be in UTF-8 format. If required, change the local language format to UTF-8 using Notepad++ for example.

Windows Installer Installer

     ==>  Installation > Type = msi 

It is the type of package recommended.

The download package is an .msi Windows Installer package specific to Microsoft.

NSIS Installer

     ==>  Installation > Type = nsis

The download package was created using the NSIS (NullSoft Install System) installer.

Windows environment variables

   Click2Get - Software Package - Environment Variables Windows.png

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