Product name - ev Click2Get.png is an optional module of Product name - ev sas.png deployed in each customer's Self Service portal. Users use it to submit software installation requests via the Service Catalog. Once users have selected their software, installation is started in silent mode without the intervention of any technician thanks to a local agent on the employee workstation.


Unlike remote software distribution where IT teams deploy applications on remote workstations (e.g. patches or antiviruses), users, via Product name - ev Click2Get.png, make their own choice of software from a white list that has been approved by their IT Department, thus avoiding any risk of installing viruses, malware or spyware.

Operating principle

A download package will be defined for every software. This includes the software version, setup type and location, video, image or text messages during installation (e.g. presenting software features or another product), etc.

Installation is then managed by the local agent in Product name - ev itsm.png using the workflow engine.

  • A service request will automatically be created for the user.
  • It will automatically be validated at the end of the installation process.


1. The Service Catalog is displayed via Product name - ev sas.png.
         Click2Get - Install Button - Services Catalog.png

2. Select a software ==> this displays the form with its [ INSTALL ] button for installation on a workstation.
         Click2Get - Install Button - Example.png

3. Monitor the progress of the installation.
         Click2Get - Install Button - Progress.png


  • On-demand installations are only performed on Windows workstations.
    • Operating systems: Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8. 
    • They are not supported on smartphones or Mac workstations.
  • Product name - ev Click2Get.png does not require dial-in, all outgoing connections are http(s).
  • Software repositories must be directly accessible by http(s) connections.
  • The Click2Get Connector agent must be on the user workstation for on-demand installations. Before deploying a software remotely on all workstations, test the installation manually using the software catalog form in the Service Catalog. If the agent is not present on the workstation, the [ DOWNLOAD AGENT ] button will appear -  Open url.png  see  Procedure
  • On a production platform, it is not possible to download the Click2Get connector. The connector has to be deployed via remote software installation
             Download Zip icon.png Download the agent
  • The portal is created in Product name - ev sas.png. The Service Catalog is configured using a Data Viewer widget linked to an EasyVista data source.
    • The Click2Get scope only applies to Software service requests.
    • When a software catalog form is opened via the portal, the [ INSTALL ] button enables users to start the on-demand installation of the software.
    • The agent automatically changes the [ INSTALL ] button to the [ RUN ] button if the software is already installed on the workstation. Product name - ev Click2Get.png runs a search for the software in the workstation registry using the software name and version.
    • Service requests that are not related to software will display the [ NEW REQUEST ] button.

Operating principle

The agent on the user workstation will exchange signed flows with the Product name - ev sas.png server hosting the Service Catalog and with the Product name - ev Click2Get.png server to obtain information on the setup to use.

Note: Signed flows ensure that there is no risk of identity theft behind the user's request and thus prevent viruses from being installed and deployed within the network.

Click2Get - Flowchart.png
  • (1) Users connect to Product name - ev sas.png via their Web browser. The presence of an agent on the workstation is verified.
  • (2) Users request the automatic installation of the software in silent mode. The agent communicates the command to the Product name - ev Click2Get.png server. This server contacts Product name - ev itsm.png to obtain the information required by the agent for installing the software.
  • (3) The agent installs the software using download packages available on a file server.
  • (4) A code confirming that the installation is successful is sent to Product name - ev Click2Get.png then to Product name - ev itsm.png to close the request.

Implementation principle

Configuring software packages

1. Run Product name - ev itsm.png.

2. In the menu, select Administration > Click2Get Software Packages and create the software download package -  Open url.png  see Screen description
         Click2Get - Software Package.png

3. In the menu, select Operation > Catalogs > Service Requests.

  • Select the software catalog form you want to add to the portal.
  • Run the Assign a Click2Get Software Package wizard.
  • Select the download package for the on-demand installation of the software.
             Click2Get - Software Form.png

Configuring the Service Catalog

1. Run Product name - ev sas.png.

2. Open the app associated with the portal in edit mode.

3. Add an EasyVista data source to search for Software service requests using the corresponding filter in Product name - ev itsm.png.

  • Query = Operation > Service Requests > New Request. Note: The parent query must contain the Catalog_GUID column.
  • Filter = Software. Note: This filter is used to display a list of Software service requests. If another filter is used by default, display the Software filter using a Filter List widget.
  • View = Service.
             Click2Get - datasource EasyVista - Example.png

4. Add a Data Viewer widget to display the Service Catalog.

  • Link the widget to the EasyVista data source to display the service requests retrieved from Product name - ev itsm.png.
  • Add the [ INSTALL ] button to the software catalog forms.
    • In the Form Cell Format property of the widget, click Apps - Edit Html icon.png.
    • In the text editor, use the EasyVista advanced tags:
      • Click Apps - Text Editor - Advanced tags icon.png and select the EasyVista > New Request category.
      • Click Apps - Add icon.png. The #[EZVTAG-NEW-REQUEST]# instruction will automatically be inserted in the text editor.
      • Click Apps - Text Editor - Advanced tags icon.png again to close the dedicated pane.
      • Close the text editor. 
    • The #[EZVTAG-NEW-REQUEST]# instruction will automatically appear as the [ INSTALL ] button in the form in execute mode.

5. If the data source does not display Software service requests by default, you should add a Filter List widget to provide access to the list of on-demand software available.

  • Link the widget to the EasyVista data source to display the service requests retrieved from Product name - ev itsm.png.
  • Select the Software filter from the list of filters available in Product name - ev itsm.png.
             Click2Get - Install Button - Services Catalog.png
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