Definitive Media Library (DML)

A Definitive Media Library (DML) is a set of secure storage areas in which an organization's definitive, authorized versions of application configuration items (CI) (software and software packages) are stored and protected, together with their path.

This ensures that the same version of software will be installed on every new workstation.



  • You can add a CI to the DML from the CI form by selecting the Integrated to the DML box.
  • The only software to be used in a release is the one listed in the DML.


Storage of the Oracle Client software installation package:

  • Location: Europe/United Kingdom
  • Network folder: //MASTERSOFT/Install/application/Oracle Client Installation.exe

Screens description


Menu access: Extended CMDB > DML


Name: Unique ID of the current object.


CI Number: Number attributed to the current CI.

Version: Version number of the application CI stored in the DML.

Next Review Date: Date of the next version.


Type: Type (full path displayed) associated with the current object.

Model: Model associated with the application CI stored in the DML.


Manufacturer: Brand of the current object.


Manager: Manager of the current object, to whom notifications will be sent.

Package path: Location where the software CI is physically located in the network.

  • Specify the full path and program name. 

Location: Location where the current object is physically stored.


Department: Department associated with the current object.

Start Date/Discard Date: Period during which the application CI is stored in the DML.


Note: Comments on the form. You can also add images or tables in this field using HTML tags.

List of tabs

       DML tabs.png

Related Equipment: List of other equipment locally associated with the current object.
        Example documentation icon EN.png  Application installed on a server

  • Update: Click Add icon.png in this tab.

Related Licenses: List of licenses associated with the current object.

  • Update: Click Add icon.png in this tab.

Related Contracts: List of contracts associated with the current object.

  • Update: Click Add icon.png in this tab.

Discussions: List of discussions associated with the current object.

  • Users can access discussions based on their domain and the visibility of the discussion. Users must also belong to a group authorized to take part in discussions, i.e. in the Group form, the Discussion Enabled box must be selected.
  • Enter the keywords you want in the Search field and press Enter
  • To cancel the search criteria and return to the complete list of discussions, provided you have the relevant rights, click within the box and then click Discussion - Delete icon.png.

Procedure: How to manage the DML

1. Specify the CIs that you want to monitor in the Definitive Media Library (DML).

  • Select Extended CMDB > Configuration Items in the menu.
  • Open the CI form you want and select the Integrated to the DML box and click Save icon.png.
  • Repeat this procedure for each CI you want to monitor in the DML.

2. Open the Definitive Media Library and complete the information on each of the CIs you added.

  • Select Extended CMDB > DML in the menu.
  • Click Display popup icon.png next to the software CI you want and complete the information in the form.
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