Build 2013.1.0.152 detailed change log

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Build 2013.1.0.152 (EasyVista 2013 September edition)

  • [R130703_00003]: Solved a Fatal Error Crash on Continual Improvement/Asset Management
  • [R130703_00004]:The Discussion widget was not displayed when just one menu was available through profile restrictions
  • [R130506_00002]: Solved an issue in the web service test page (WebservicetestClient.php)
  • [R120810_00003]: Solved an issue when location id or department_id of an employee where null. This used to generate an error message upon login
  • [R111205_00007]: Evolution: when global search returns one single value, the list is not displayed anymore and the screen directly switches to the detailed form. One click removed 
  • [R110322_00001]: Drill down optimization and tree structure display change when displaying trees and domains are active
  • [R130516_00005]: When a field and the $LNG equivalent of the same field were displayed in the same form, saving the form was freezing the form. The form editor now prevents displaying a field and a $LNG equivalent of that same field on the same form 
  • [R130513_00002]: On the parent query Request Fulfillment, the field creation month was not displayed correctly when displayed in a list
  • [R110622_00001]: Email addresses within « <> » were not displayed in hints 
  • [R120224_00001]: New menu under administration to configure pages displayed when conducting a full text search via self service portal
  • [R111026_00002/R121129_00002]: Quick filters used to crash when the filter contained a « ‘ » character
  • [R130311_00001]: Solved an issue with the switch to list button when displaying list of items per location and the current domain had more than one location 
  • [R130314_00001]: Hints now display correctly CR characters
  • [R101203_00005]: The planning display used to display time in military time (24h) instead of US time (am/pm) when in US format
  • [R130528_00002]: Distinction between daily and 24h display on the planning on homepage restored
  • [R130321_00002]: When selecting options on the shopping cart, the generated request had a global topic instead of the expected topic 
  • [R130614_00002]: Hint on news was not displayed correctly on the quick call when recording an incident
  • [R130606_00004]: "numeric" and "currency" field types were not saved correctly when added on the quick call screen
  • [R130530_00002]: The parameter « get value from database” was not returning the correct value on the WF_FINISH wizard when applied to an available field
  • [R130614_00003]: The check duplicates link on the new knowledge wizard now automatically has the knowledge title populated
  • [R130607_00002]: Removed a hardcoded untranslated error message when typing incorrect unavailability in the planning 
  • [R130619_00001]: Removed an error message on Continual Improvement when more than one pages were available: unknown function addVarToUrl()
  • [R130417_00002]: Characters were not correctly interpreted in a list in a combo when hitting the “>” button to switch to the next page
  • [R100511_00009]: Access right management on collection points : it is now possible to manage collection points per department and not just per location
  • [R130612_00002]: Login page strings displayed before login can now be translated 
  • [R130703_00001]: Color and font were lost on the content of tables when using the paste from Word function in the tinyMCE component used when editing memo fields 
  • [R130626_00004]: Return key now correctly accepted when searching in a tree in a combo
  • [R130116_00004]: Group definition in alerts and scheduled reporting is now limited to the #[GROUP.Group Name]# tag 
  • [R130129_00002]: The SOAP method EZV_UpdateRequest was case sensitive for External_Reference identification. It is now non case sensitive
  • [R111223_00004]: Update of demo files ws2_metier.xls and WebservicetestClient.php
  • [R130712_00003]: Removed error message on Discovery/Technical alert/Duplicate software and Discovery/Security/Screensaver password protection 
  • [R130712_00002]: Blurry icons replaced by correctly sized images 
  • [R130625_00001]: Added a control that prevents stopping an incident that’s already stopped 
  • [R130618_00002]: Added a dashboard refresh at the end of a quick call 
  • [R130429_00001]: Display order is now the same in a tab preview (hint) and when displaying the content of the tab
  • [R130325_00004]: Time Picker removed when a field is Read Only
  • [R130719_00004]: Solved an issue where emails were not sent to users of a group if the email address of the group was empty 
  • [R120928_00003]: Added two new options on the report designer to be able to add the file name of the generated PDF and the target email address
  • [R130626_00001]: Changing the number of lines displayed in a list was not functional with Internet Explorer 10, due to IE10 not supporting the <Form tag
  • [R130703_00005]: Solved an issue where transforming an incident into a service request and interrupting that process halfway through by closing the wizard did update the current record partially and prevent that incident to be updated afterwards
  • [R130724_00001]: Adding an « Icon » button in the form editor did not authorize a correct selection of a wizard 
  • [R130801_00001] [R130808_00001]:: When creating a web service step in a workflow, the values of the web service parameter were not correctly saved
  • [R130719_00003]: Solved an issue with the content of Comment type questions in questionnaires 
  • [R110114_00001]: removed a Javascript error in iframes that only appeared on IE8
  • [R130820_00002]: On the quick call, the request topic was not correctly refreshed on display when using a topic code
  • [R130516_00002]: Added a parameter to prevent the pasting of images in memo fields. The function only works with Firefox due to limitation of the other browsers. New parameter added : - Allows to paste an image in a memo -
  • [R130827_00001]: Removed a potential crash when via customization, the same tree field (location, department) was displayed twice and populating two different fields via customization
  • [R130911_00001]: Chat now functions when users have « ‘ » char in their name 
  • [R130618_00001]: EasyVista now automatically redirects to the login URL defined in the A_COMPANY table when there’s an error in the auto connexion link without Single Sign On 
  • [R130910_00003]: When displaying a graph in a list, the Tools menu was not displayed. It is now back
  • [R130109_00004]: The codeless conditional steps weren’t working as expected when the condition was on a tree field
  • [R130909_00001]: Removed a database error when the user name was longer than 50 characters [R120919_00007]: Email was incorrectly sent by the workflow engine to users who had deactivated the email reception on their employee form
  • [R130529_00001]: WebService - EZV_CloseRequest – now correctly closes all actions, including started actions, when the option Delete all actions is set to True 
  • [R130530_00003]: Solved an issue with the Scheduler component of EasyVista with more than one broker 
  • [R121112_00002]: Search on list was not functioning correctly on date fields
  • [R121010_00004]: When displaying a report by week number, the week number was one week in advance
  • [R100916_00001]: When closing a parent request, some of the actions on child requests stayed open 
  • [R130607_00004]: Optimization of the integration module when datasource are CSV files Integration of csv files should be significantly faster
  • [R101208_00004]: click here link in emails automatically removed when the email is sent to a group email and not a user email
  • [R110420_00001]: New Parameter - Display explicitly NA in tags when the value of the tag is empty. This is used to display something in an email even if for tags that are referring to an empty field
  • [R130625_00003]: Reportdesigner optimization when the report contains large images 
  • [R130705_00006]: Solved an issue when using the Forgot your password link when the password was crypted
  • [R130712_00004]: When finishing an action that solved an incident and changing the end date from the default “now” value, the action end date was not correctly saved in the incident resolution date 
  • [R120113_00002]: When using a web service to add a document with a docx extension, the document was corrupted
  • [R120829_00005]: Scheduled alerts on the “Action Operation” parent query were not sending emails when using system roles
  • [R130826_00001]: Some third party WSDL were not parsed correctly
  • [R121120_00001]: When leaving a date field in a questionnaire empty, the application server was populating the field with 12/30/1899 
  • [R130906_00001]: Solved an issue where smoServer/smoBroker did lock on login when 2 smoServer had the same portID
  • [R130808_00005]: Removed an access violation error when saving the content of a filter « Access violation at address 00AEFE94 in module 'SMO_MSSQL.exe'. Read of address 0000000C »
  • [R130905_00001]: DB_FIELDS tags on SD_QUESTION_RESULT table on mails sent by Business rules were not returning any value
  • [R130711_00002]: The ezcrypt software now generates passwords in a csv file
  • [R120907_00001]: Solved an issue on SLA calculation when using the « Before XX » feature
  • [R130709_00001]: Full text search crashed when the search string contained a ‘(‘ character. [R130724_00003]: Solved an issue where the language was not correctly managed in the news in the dashboard when a user changed his interface language 
  • [R130726_00004]: Solved an issue when changing quantities on consumables in the Change content wizard on service requests
  • [R130828_00001]: Removed a potential crash in PR - Assign Incident when displaying the incident list 
  • [R130829_00002]: The GET_PATH_DEPARTMENT and GET_PATH_LOCATION function sometimes removed the first letters of the department and location trees 
  • [R130801_00002]: Purge now also applies on SD_REQUEST_DETAILS
  • [R130822_00001]: The trigger TR_PROCESS_SD_REQUEST has been removed
  • [R130409_00002]: Removed an error message when printing a form in Administration/Database management/Configuration. Must declare the scalar variable "@@ ID @@"
  • [R130513_00003]: Removed an error in the Creation month field of the Request fulfillment parent query used in reports
  • [R130418_00001]: In the create incident wizard on the event form, tags were not correctly interpreted in emails
  • [R121004_00001]: The continual Improvement module is now seen as a self service module and does not require a named/concurrent license
  • [R130403_00002]: email addresses with a <<’>> character were not sent correctly
  • [R120313_00001]: When selecting a parent known error on creating a known error, the list does not exclude archived known errors 
  • [R130306_00001]: Related Incidents on the Configuration Item form now displays the correct incidents 
  • [R130201_00001]: Removed an empty line in My equipment, Other users tab
  • [R110401_00002]: When creating a new problem with a questionnaire added to the workflow, the questionnaire was not displayed correctly
  • [R121203_00003]: The new change request wizard on the incident form was not requiring a CI even if the CI mandatory field was set to True 
  • [R091019_00001]: Removed a possibility to archive the location root which was archiving the complete location tree
  • [R110420_00004]: New parameter {SM} Filter the list of groups depending on the topic during the transfer of an action
  • [R121022_00004]: Email addresses with more than 50 characters were not supported in the “New employee” wizard
  • [R121102_00003]: Solved an issue when adding a new foreign key field on a form on the SD_REQUEST table that linked to the SD_CATALOG table 
  • [R121108_00003]: Solved an issue where adding an available field on the New Order Wizard, detail of the order page was generating an error message
  • [R121206_00001]: Label change when completing an action on EasyVista Mobile
  • [R101206_00001]: New icon on the Linked known error action types 
  • [R101208_00003]: Removed a potential error message when duplicating a workflow in the Transition module 
  • [R110526_00005]: On event catalog, the filter limiting the workflows available excluded workflows with a web service step. The filter has been changed 
  • [R121005_00004]: Removed a possibility of system crash on equipment delivery reception wizard when generating barcodes with more positions than authorized by the format 
  • [R121022_00006]: Unauthorized transfer : If transferring from one group to another is forbidden, a user was who was part of the two groups was still able to transfer from one group to the other. This possibility has been removed
  • [R110901_00001]: Changed the way requalifying an incident to a service request behaves to standardize with the way requalifying an incidnet to another incident does
  • [R110421_00002]: Tags were sometimes not correctly interpreted in parallel tasks in a workflow
  • [R110302_00001]: Internal update steps were attributed to a group
  • [R090921_00003]: Solved an issue with multiple connexions and SSO
  • [R110728_00001]: The “&” character was not correctly interpreted by web services 
  • [R120412_00001]: When recording an incident with a workflow with two first steps in parallel with two groups defined, the group selection screen is not displayed anymore 
  • [R120828_00003]: When typing a code on the quick call, the restrictions on incident catalog on application perimeter based on department were not correctly applied
  • [R090709_00001]: Software fusion on equipment optimization
  • [R100416_00002]: Solved an issue with the merging of system references
  • [R100929_00006]: The owning group field on an action was not systematically updated correctly
  • [R100826_00003]: It is now possible to change the group to which a change is affected at the last step of a change request if the change catalog record authorizes it
  • [R130227_00001]: Custom tags are now supported in the wizard customization when sending a mail in the New related action wizard 
  • [R130125_00002]: Removed an error message when creating a view in an equipment list with a break down on the SCHEDULED_END field 
  • [R130123_00003]: Modified the New incidents and New Change wizards on a CI in order to be able to add available fields 
  • [R110301_00004]: On the Impact assessment wizard, a new step has been added as the last step of the wizard to link the Cis to the current change record if the wizard is started on a change request
  • [R121212_00009]: On Equipments and CI forms, the related incidents, requests and problems tabs have been updated to display all the related records 
  • [R110419_00007]: Keywords added on known errors form
  • [R110825_00004]: Employee departure wizard : when defining a new employee for the equipment previously used by the leaving employee, location and department of said employee are now changed by default on the wizard
  • [R130514_00001] [R120802_00002]: The request CI/Asset tag flag on a request catalog is now correctly managed in a shopping cart on options 
  • [R121212_00006]: It is now possible to requalify a service request into an incident as long as there are no parent record on the incident 
  • [R110506_00005]: Vocabulary Change the name of a wizard
  • [R120426_00001]: Bar graph now displays systematically the value in the bar 
  • [R120910_00001]: Solved a display issue when switching from bar graph to pie chart
  • [R081015_00013]: Pie chart legend now display value of the dataset
  • [R091130_00003]: Vocabulary change on purchase order form 
  • [R100326_00002]: the field device_power_consumption_WH is in the parent query on the green IT menu, but not in the database. The field has been removed from the parent query
  • [R100521_00004]: Vocabulary change on End of lease return wizard
  • [R100813_00004]: The field license model has been added on delivery reception wizard on licenses 
  • [R101122_00002]: The suspend/restart wizard email step is now consistent with other email steps in wizards
  • [R120209_00002]: Root causes are now hidden by default when closing a service request. They can be put back by editing the wizard 
  • [R120216_00001]: The related action update step available in the end action wizard now is also displayed on validation steps in the workflow 
  • [R130430_00004]: Default catalog form enhancement: archived groups were still selectable in the group on a catalog record
  • [R130426_00002]: Discarded equipment are not displayed anymore on the main equipment tab of an employee record 
  • [R130429_00002]: When an employee is archived but still part of a group, notification emails were still sent to that employee in some wizards if the group had no email address defined 
  • [R120124_00005]: The solution tab on incident form is now also available on service request and change forms 
  • [R130403_00001]: Solved a display glitch when the comment field was displayed in the incident history list
  • [R130523_00001]: The health symbol in a list of project that is not the project portfolio used to display the name of the image instead of the image 
  • [R100128_00002]: The Week function displaying the week number was generating in some configurations a week number that was one more than the real week number
  • [R100913_00001]: No notification in the notification field of an employee record used to still send notifications when assigning actions, but not when doing self service notifications. Now it sends no notification at all, except for direct mails sent to that person
  • [R130611_00001]: Solved a crash on the wizard - PR - New Bill on Bill Book
  • [R130614_00004]: Kbase form: some of the actions created through the Update wizard on a knowledge article did not appear in the action tab on that article
  • [R120208_00002]: Incident history now updated when creating a problem on the incident 
  • [R090220_00001]: Asset Merge optimization 
  • [R121019_00003]: Solved an issue on the Configuration Item integration connector where the CI model was not systematically updated
  • [R130125_00001]: Solved an issue on integration model when foreign keys linked to the same table were populating different fields in the target table
  • [R120224_00009]: Excel export removed from the Discovery / Manage Software menu 
  • [R130828_00003]: Catalog form: The add button on the default characteristics did not launch the correct wizard 
  • [R120410_00003]: New scheduled alert available to empty the business rules log tables
  • [R120829_00002]: Solved an issue with @@ID@@ in business rules sql queries
  • [R120523_00003]: Time spent on service request was incorrectly calculated
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