Associate Photos with Employees via Integration

You can associate photos with employees using an integration model with the Photo Integration for Employees connector.

We provide an integration package to perform this operation, which includes the integration connector, the integration model as well as a sample file and employees photos.


  • Employees not in the AM_EMPLOYEE table will automatically be created during integration.
  • Images must be copied to the image folder of the Product name - ev itsm.png account: www\resources\{your_account}\Pictures
    • {your_account}: Account Product name - ev itsm.png used
               Example documentation icon FR.png  50004: Production base; 50005: Sandbox database
  • The integration model provided in the package is optional. If required, you can use your own integration model.
  • Only one photo can be associated with each employee.


  • File names must not contain accents.
  • If you want to integrate a large volume of data requiring several updates in the Product name - ev itsm.png database:
    • First, perform a backup of the database so that you can restore the database if errors occur.
    • Perform the integration in a test database before doing it in the production database.

Integration package

The package includes several files:

  • Export_IN_CONNECTOR__Employees_with_photos: Connector for associating photos with employees
             Download icon.png Integration connector
  • Export_C_TASK_integration_Employees_with_photos: Integration model
             Download icon.png Integration model
  • Employees with photos - Example.csv: Sample file containing employees to be imported and the names of photos to be integrated
  • a.jpg, b.jpg, c.jpg, d.jpg: Sample employee photos
             Download icon.png Integration sample file and Photos

         Integration - Employees with photos - File.png

Procedure: How to associate photos with employees via integration

1. Copy the images to the Web server to the www\resources\{your_account}\Pictures folder.

2. Import to Product name - ev itsm.png the connector and the integration model by selecting Administration > Import/Export > Import in the menu. Note: You can use your own model.

       Download icon.png Integration connector
       Download icon.png Integration model

Caution: The following order must be heeded for importing the files: the connector then the integration model.

3. Run the integration of the employee file using the imported model or your own model.

  • Select Administration > Integration Models in the menu of a module and click Execute icon.png next to the model to use.
  • Select your employee file to integrate.
             Download icon.png Integration sample file and Photos
  • Once the processing is completed, click [ CLOSE ]. The integration log screen will automatically appear.

Best Practice icon.png If there are too many errors, restore the Product name - ev itsm.png database using the backup. Correct the external source data and run the integration again.

  • Proceed to the employees directory and check that information has been successfully integrated.
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