Asset & Configuration Overview

Equipment Management

Equipment includes workstations, printers, servers, network devices, .... 

  • They are identified in the equipment inventory Product name - ev itsm.png:
    • by automatic insertion, if they are detected by an inventory tool;  manually if the tool can not detect them.
  • They relate to the models defined in the equipment catalog. Each equipment has model characteristics.

Available Features

  • Report of anomalies for equipment detected by the inventory tool but not found in the inventory Product name - ev itsm.png.
  • Reports of equipment financial monitoring. 
  • Monitoring of equipment regarding Green IT: assessment of the computer equipment power consumption, equipment recycling management.

Software and Licenses Management

A license is linked to a software, but these are 2 different concepts.

  • Software: set of programs / processes / rules running instructions on the computer.
    • Software are managed in a catalog, to be updated automatically by an inventory tool, or manually if they are not detected.
    • Each software is physically installed on a desktop or related to a user through light client type environment application (web application or Citrix).
  • License: Contractual document outlining the terms and conditions of use and dissemination of a software, and conferring the right to use a version of the latter.
    • Licenses are managed manually through inventory.
    • They relate to a reference in the software catalog.  Each license has characteristics of the reference.

Available Features

  • Definition of the rules for software detection used by the inventory tool: search from a combination of executables and/or components, with keys stored in the registry database, ...
  • Management of license types: licenses packages, licenses covered, licenses, servers, ...
  • Definition of installation types: list of the required software on a desktop based on usage requirements.
  • Decision-making reports to reduce the operating costs of computer equipment licenses.

Contracts Management

Contracts are managed manually in an inventory.

  • Only the contracts relating to computer equipment are identified.
  • They relate to a reference in the contracts catalog. Each contract has the
    reference characteristics.

Available Features

  • Management of contract categories: subscription, insurance, maintenance, leasing, ...
  • Reports to monitor the renewal dates and monthly payment amounts for current contracts.

Life Cycles

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