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Apps - Widget - Knowesia icon.png This type of widget belongs to the Social category in the widget library. It is used to integrate Knowesia resolution scenarios into an app page. The content displayed can be both a Knowesia support or guidance procedure and a project (enable you to organize various procedures).

    Open url.png  See Knowesia documentation (FR).


    Open url.png  See General remarks on widgets.


The Standard Service Workplace template will display a Self Help portal which integrates Knowesia resolution scenarios.  Open url.png See Description.
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List of properties


Root From Knowesia Website: Access URL to the Knowesia site.

Knowesia Type: Type of displayed content. This can be a procedure or a project.

Project Url / Procedure Url: Project / Procedure URL to execute.

Theme: Theme name you want to use when your Knowesia site has several themes.

Connection Account For Knowesia: Account identifier to use to connect to the Knowesia site.

Add More Parameter: List of additional parameters added automatically to the end of the URL.

  • Use the & character to separate each parameter.

    Example documentation icon EN.png  

  • Parameters: &locale=en_US&myparam=blue
  • URL to execute: demo/selfhelp
    ==> Full URL: demo/selfhelp&locale=en_US&myparam=blue

Use The Latest Version: Used to force the display of the latest version of the Knowesia project / procedure Knowesia (box is checked) or not (box is not checked).

Width: Display width of the content in pixels or as a percentage (by default, 100%).

Height: Display height of the content in pixels or as a percentage (by default, 100%).


   Open url.png  See Properties description.

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