Standard Service Workplace Template


Note: Minimum Product name - ev sas.png version required: Phosphorus

This template is a space that enables users to find answers to their requirements, troubleshoot problems via a Product name - ev Self Help.png portal, monitor activity, take part in discussions with colleagues, etc. 

It comes in both Desktop and Mobile versions.

Standard service workplace - All devices.png


  • To install the Self Help portal, you need an access to the Product name - ev Self Help.png product. If you do not have this optional platform, please contact your Logo - EasyVista.png consultant for more information.

Home page

        Standard service workplace - Home page.png

The Home page is made up of the following zones:

  • A top banner (1) displaying:
    • A logo
    • A main menu for browsing through pages:
      • HOME: Return to the Home page.
      • GET: Access the Service Request Catalog. Open url.png See the description.
      • FIX: Depending on the version of the installed template:
        • either access to the Self Help portal which includes Product name - ev Self Help.png procedures. Open url.png See the description.
        • or access to the classical page Contact IT Service Desk. Open url.png See the description.
      • STATUS: Access the page for monitoring incidents/requests/discussions for the logged-in user. 4 indicators allow to quickly visualize the number of items and access the corresponding list.  Open url.png See the description.
    • A photo of the logged-in user with a link to view user details and to access General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Open url.png See the description
    • A button allowing to switch the language (English/French)
    • A logout button
  • A new banner (2)
  • A central pane (3) used to:
    • View the Service Request Catalog.
    • Find solutions to problems or contact the Help Desk.
    • Monitor your tickets.
  • A footer (4) with different links, including one to the Directory.

Top banner

Service Request Catalog

Access: GET option in the top banner of the Home page


  • By default, the page will display the top five most popular services.
  • A list of filters (1) enables you to narrow your search down to the relevant catalog branch.
  • Animation triggered on hover (2) displays buttons for accessing the details of a catalog entry or for submitting a request. Open url.png See the description of the functionality.
  • The button found below the search results (3) enables you to create a request for a service that does not exist in the catalog.

Self Help Product name - ev Self Help - big.png Portal

Access: FIX option in the top banner of the Home page

        FIX Self Help.png

This page enables you to get some help, by drilling down into Product name - ev Self Help.png procedures, for problems about:

  • Office ;
  • Email and collaborative working tools;
  • Mobility;
  • Workstations;
  • Printers;
  • Networks.

It also allows you to search when no solution is proposed.

Example documentation icon EN.png  Several help procedures are given by clicking Office icon Office icon.png then Word Word icon.png. Click To create a blank document option (1) allows you to:

  • display the detail of the procedure (2);
  • access to several features (3): Get procedure share link; Send a message to the authors of the procedure; Create a call-back request for the current procedure

         FIX Self Help - Example Office 1.png
         FIX Self Help - Example Office 2.png

My Requests

Access: STATUS option in the top banner of the Home page

        STATUS - Indicators.png

This page enables you to access the following:

  • (1) Your service requests
  • (2) Your incidents
  • (3) Your approvals
  • (4) Your discussions
  • A filter (5) enables you to display all of the requests/incidents.
  • The More Info button (6) displays the details of the incident/request.
             STATUS Details.png
    • (7) Information on the incident/request
    • (8) Cost of the service (in the catalog)
    • (9) Button for updating the description

Personal Management

Access : Click on the user picture in the banner at the top of the home page

This page is split into 2 tabs:

  • tab My profile : Allows the user to see a variety of information pertaining to him/her.
             User profile - My profile.png

    • General information: name, civil status, e-mail, telephone, ... The button Modify allows you to update information.
    • List of his/her equipment. The button Report an Incident allows you to create an incident related to an equipment.
    • List of your services. The BUTTON Report an Incident allows you to create an incident related to  one of the services.
  • tab My personal data: Allows the user to manage consents related to the use of his/her personal data (GDPR).
             User profile - Personal data.png

    • Edit my Consent : Allows changing the way in which personal data is managed.
    • Consult GDPR : Allows you to access the CNIL reference site regarding the management of personal data.
    • List of applications using personal data. 

Global search

Search results are displayed in three different columns:

        Global Search Results.png

The More Info button display the details of the entry. A space dedicated to discussions in the form enables you to exchange feedback on the service or knowledge article.
         Global Search Results Details.png

Procedure: How to install and use the template

Step 1: Importing the template theme to Product name - ev sas.png.

1. Download the file below to your workstation.
         Download icon.png  Desktop and Mobile versions theme

3. Check that the theme is a public theme in the Product name - ev sas.png theme editor:

  • Click Apps - Gallery - Theme design icon.png Theme Design in the App Gallery toolbar.
  • Click Apps - Manage themes icon.png to select the theme.
  • Click Apps - Application properties icon.png to display the general properties.
  • In the Published property, select Published Padlock open icon.png.
  • Click OK.

4. (Optional) Modify the theme in line with the style guide of your company.

5. Click EVApps - GUI - Save icon.png to save the theme.

Step 2: Importing the template to Product name - ev sas.png.

1. Download the required version of the files below to your workstation.
         Download icon.png  Template Dekstop version
         Download icon.png  Template Mobile version

2. Import the downloaded files to Product name - ev sas.png by clicking Apps - Gallery - Import icon.png Import in the App Gallery toolbar.

3. Check that the theme is correctly displayed by the template.

  • Click Apps - Gallery - Edit properties icon.png next to the app name in the App Gallery to display the general properties.
  • Select the theme you just imported from the Theme list.
  • Click OK.

Step 3: Importing reports to Product name - ev itsm.png.

1. Download the file below to your workstation.

Note: Parent queries are not exported with the reports. This means that the items you update will not be overwritten when reports are imported.

       Download icon.png Batch of reports

  • APPS - New request
  • APPS - Employee requests
  • APPS - Employee incidents
  • APPS - Employee approvals
  • APPS - My details
  • APPS – Download document (detail of SD_REQUEST)
  • APPS – Apps Questionnaire

2. Unzip the downloaded file in a folder.
The files are extracted in .exp format.

3. Import the .exp files to Product name - ev itsm.png by selecting Administration > Import/Export > Import in the menu.

4. Verify that the parent query of the APPS - New Request report contains the Image field Image SD_CATALOG.BIG_PICTURE_PATH. Otherwise the images in the Service Request Catalog will not be displayed.

5. Configure the filters of the APPS - New Request report to adapt them to the requirements of your portal.

Step 4: Implementing consent management related to user personal data (GDPR).

1. Create a new field by running the query below.


2. Download and import the files below to Product name - ev itsm.png by selecting Administration > Import/Export > Import from the menu.

Caution: Import them in the order below.

         Download icon.png  GDPR Questionnaire
         Download icon.png  GDPR Workflow
         Download icon.png  GDPR Report

Step 5: Creating your Product name - ev sas.png apps.

Best Practice icon.png You should always work on a duplicate of the template. This enables you to import new improved versions provided by Logo - EasyVista.png without having to replace your apps.

1. Duplicate the template you just imported.

2. Rename the duplicated template.

3. Associate an image with it.

4. Repeat this procedure for each new app created using the same template.


Step 6 (Optional): Configuring the Need Something page in the Mobile version.

In the Mobile version, the Filter List widget are only be displayed as a drop-down list. The 01.0 I Need Something page is therefore divided into different pages/data sources, in order to display all of the options with icons.

If there are several filters to display and you want to avoid multiplying pages and data sources by following the below procedure.

1. Select the catalog pages that are the most appropriate for your portal.

2. Create a Custom Widget.

3. Using the Data Viewer widget displayed on the page, associate it with the 01.0 I Need Something page.

4. Configure the data source.

Caution: If you do not add a search field, you should not select the Force Search To Get Data box in the data source.

5. Replace the List widget with the Filter List widget linked to the same data source.

Step 7 (Optional): Configuring the Something is Broken page in the Desktop version.

In the Desktop version, the 02.0 Something is Broken page contains a section for displaying links to pages for troubleshooting problems. 

1. Duplicate the 02.1 404 template page designed for this purpose for each of the knowledge articles to be accessed via a link.

Step 8: Creating the shortcuts pointing to your  Product name - ev sas.png apps.

1. Create the shortcut pointing to your apps previously created.

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