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This template requires Product name - ev sas.png Phosphorus release

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This template is a simple end user portal allowing a user to find answers to his questions, keep track of his Incidents and Service Requests and collaborate with his peers. It comes with a desktop version and a mobile version.



The homepage is divided in 4 parts

  • Upper layer
    • Logo
    • Navigation Menu :
      • HOME       Back to homepage
      • GET        Service Catalog
      • FIX        Incident creation 
      • STATUS     Ticket and discussion tracking
    • Shortcut to personal data
      • Open Incidents
      • Pending Service Requests
      • Expected Validations
      • Discussions
    • The picture of the connected user
    • Logout button.
  • Global Search
  • Three blocks to reach the same features as the ones detailed in the menu:
    • Service Catalog
    • Incident Creation 
    • Ticket Tracking
  • Page Footer 

The template illustrates several new features of the Phosphore release.

  • Global Search
  • On mouse-over animation on widgets
  • Configuration of the No Data Message when a result is void
  • Discussions

Global Search Results

The 3 columns display

  • Matching Service Catalog records
  • Matching Knowledge Base Articles
  • Matching Incident Catalog records

Global Search Results.PNG

Service Request Catalog

The Service Request Catalog displays the 5 most frequently requested services? Filters are there to help the user refine  the search.


Contact Service Desk

This page displays data on support team and allows the creation of incidents.  

(1) Team member pictures
(2) Location Map
(3) The various channels to contact the service desk
(4) Service desk activity over the day
(5) Frequently asqued questions
(6) A button to create new incidents


My Requests

(1) Service Requests
(2) Incidents
(3) Validations
(4) Discussions


Procedure: How to install the template

1. Download and import the components below in the gallery) :

Edit the theme and change the colors to replace them by your colors.  

2. Download and import the following 5 reports: 

Caution : Parent queries are not exported with the reports to avoid the loss of changes you might have carried out on those queries.
Check that the APPS - New request report's parent query contains the image field SD_CATALOG.BIG_PICTURE_PATH which is needed to display the catalog's images.
Filters of the APPS - New Request report must be configured according to the parts of the catalog you want to display in the portal.

3. Create your apps Product name - ev sas.png:

  • Duplicate the templates you just imported  
  • Rename them and change their picture in the gallery

Best Practice icon.png  Always use a duplicated application. It will allow you to avoid replacing your application by the previously imported application inadvertantly.

4. On the mobile version, the 01.0 I Need Something page and the associated Data Source  I Need Something are split in separate pages and Data Sources, representing the different filter options. The reason for that is that the Filter List widget can only be displayed as a drop down combo on mobiles, and we wanted to provide an example of a nice display, where all options are shown with icons, and different ways of displaying catalog items.
If this configuration is not adapted to your context (like if you have a large number of filters to display and don't want to create as many pages and Data Sources):

- Choose among the catalog pages the one you prefer
- Create a Custom Widget from its Data Viewer
- On the 01.0 I Need Something page, add the custom widget and configure its Data Source then replace the List widget with a Filter List widget based on the same Data Source
Caution : If you don't add a search filter, the Data Source should have the Force Search To Get Data option unchecked.

5. On the Something is Broken, page the links are built to pages helping solve issues. This is a html page to be adapted to suit your needs.
6. Create a shortcut towards the Desktop and Mobile version of the app. 

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