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Template app operational from the Phosphore version of Product name - ev sas.png

The template app is a portal used by Support persons to monitor actions performed in incidents/service requests assigned to them, create tickets on behalf of users, consult the knowledge base, the list of equipment, etc.

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Home page

The Home page is made up of three zones:

  • A top banner (1) displaying:
    • Home button: Return to the Home page.
    • Page title.
    • Access to the logged-in user profile displaying details and personal information. Open url.png See the configuration.
    • Directory button: Find a user to display the actions to be performed or to create a new ticket. Open url.png See the configuration for incident creation buttons.
    • KB button : Access the knowledge base.
    • Assets button: Find an item of equipment to display the actions to be performed or to create a new ticket. Open url.png See the configuration for incident creation buttons.
  • To Do List pane (2) used to quickly see the number of actions to process. Open url.png See the configuration.
  • Main pane (3) displaying (Open url.png See the configuration):
    • A scrollable pane displaying a list of all actions the Support person must perform.
    • ev_icolocalisation.jpg used to display the recipient's location on a map.
    • ev_icoinfo.jpg used to display the details of the ticket corresponding to the action.
    • ev_icovalidation.jpg used to close the ticket.



How to install and use the template app

1. Download and import the elements below to Product name - ev sas.png by clicking Apps - Gallery - Import icon.png Import in the App Gallery toolbar:

  • Mobile Support Tech theme
             Download icon.png  Mobile version

    Caution: The theme must be public. To do this:
    • Once it is imported, click Apps - Gallery - Theme design icon.png Theme Design in the App Gallery toolbar to open it and then click Apps - Manage themes icon.png in the theme editor.
    • Display its general properties by clicking Apps - Application properties icon.png. Select Published Padlock open icon.png in the Published property and click [ OK ].
    • If required, modify the theme in line with the style chart of your company.
    • Click EVApps - GUI - Save icon.png to save it and return to the App Gallery.
  • Mobile Support Tech template app
             Download icon.png  Mobile version

    Caution: Check that the theme is correctly displayed by the app. To do this:
    • Once the app is imported, display its general properties by clicking Apps - Gallery - Edit properties icon.png next to its name in the App Gallery.
    • If required, select the new theme from the Theme list and click [ OK ].

2. Download and import the reports below to Product name - ev itsm.png by selecting Administration > Import/Export > Import in the menu:
         Download icon.png Batch of reports

  • APPS - Actions details
  • APPS - Assets list
  • APPS - Documents
  • APPS - Incident List
  • APPS - Knowledge base
  • APPS - My Actions
  • APPS - My Details
  • APPS - Requests List
  • APPS - Users List

How to configure the Home page

My Profile

  • The My Details report retrieves and displays all information on the logged-in user.

To Do List


  • The To Do List pane is an indicator based on the My Actions report and displays a counter for actions to be performed by the Support person. 

Main pane


  • The My Actions report is used to retrieve all of the information on actions to be performed by the logged-in Support person:
    • Ticket creation date;
    • Category of the ticket.
    • Recipient.
    • Recipient's location.
    • ev_icolocalisation.jpg used to access the recipient's location.
    • ev_icoinfo.jpg used to access the details of the ticket.
    • ev_icovalidation.jpg used to close the ticket.
    • Bullet color based on ticket priority:
      • Red - Priority level 1
      • Orange - Priority level 2
      • Green - Priority level 3
      • Gray - Priority level 4
  • Bullets are called via a URL that you must adapt to your context as required:
    • Create one bullet for each priority level in your image folder. Give them similar names with a different number based on their priority.
               Example documentation icon EN.png  ev_ex_priority.png
    • Import the bullets to Product name - ev itsm.png.
    • On the 0. Home page, click the Secured HTML widget Actions to do.
    • In Line > Line Cell Format, click Apps - Application properties icon.png to open the text editor.
    • Click Apps - Text Editor - Html Editor icon.png to switch to HTML mode.
    • Modify the code below so that it points to the URL of the bullets:
      <img class="fr-dib fr-draggable" src="[FIELD('Priority')]#.png">
    • You must comply with the naming convention below:
      • (1): Path of the image folder.
      • (2): Name of the image.
        • Replace the priorite value with the name of the relevant bullet.
        • #[FIELD('Priority’)]#: Used to display the bullet corresponding to the ticket's priority level dynamically.

          Example documentation icon EN.png  The name of the bullets is bullet.
          <img class="fr-dib fr-draggable" src="https://{your_image_folder}/bullet#[FIELD('Priority')]#.png">
    • Click Apps - Text Editor - Html Editor icon.png to close the HTML editor and click [ OK ] to save your modifications.

How to configure incident creation buttons

Employee Equipment
ev_incquickfix_employee.png ev_incquickfix_asset.png

Behind each [ CREATE INCIDENT ] and [ QUICK FIX ] button, there is an entry from the Incident Catalog that can be used, depending on your context, to display a questionnaire to be completed before submitting the incident. 

  • Create Incident: Used to declare an incident processed in the standard way.
  • Quick Fix: Used to create an incident at a later time and close it automatically once it is declared. 

To do this:

  • On the 4.1 Details Employee page, click the Secured Html widget Buttons.
  • In the Html Code section, click  Apps - Application properties icon.png top open the editor.
  • In the Html code editor, in the Html tag <button>, modify the current Guid by the corresponding catalog Guid you want to apply.ev_code.png
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