Service Apps - Phosphorus - Release Notes

Note: This is a version release document.
  • Some of the screenshots may show a slight difference compared to the release version as we are constantly seeking to improve the design and usability up until the release date.
  • The pages on the wiki detailing these differences will be updated soon. For more up-to-date information, please consult: Open url.png Wiki News

    Open url.png  See Known errors

New widgets

Discussion widget

This new widget is designed to enable Product name - ev itsm.png discussions within Product name - ev sas.png apps. You can create discussion threads or reply to existing threads on different Product name - ev itsm.png objects such as incidents or service requests.

The graphic appearance of discussions is identical to the one in Product name - ev itsm.png.
         Sortie de version 1_html_m64644f6c.png

  • Product name - ev itsm.png and Product name - ev sas.png discussions present functional differences. One is designed for Back Office users while the other is intended for all users.
  • Read and unread discussions are separated in the display. Just like in Product name - ev itsm.png, unread discussions are considered read once they are displayed in the widget.

General operating principle

To add a Discussion widget, you must first configure a dedicated data source connected to Product name - ev itsm.png.

Configuration of the data source for discussions

The data source to be added is available in the data source library in the Applications section.
         Sortie de version 1_html_m1a510a6e.png

Its configuration depends on the widget to be used, i.e. the Discussion widget.

  • If discussions are linked to a specific Product name - ev itsm.png object, e.g. an incident or service request, you should specify the Master/Detail section.
  • If you want to display the entire list of discussions, you are not required to complete this section.
  • The filter enables you to display all discussions or only the discussions for the logged-in user.
             Sortie de version 1_html_m5a4f2988.png Sortie de version 1_html_627b16cf.png


The widget to be added is available in the widget library in the EasyVista section.
         Sortie de version 1_html_46458707.png

Configuration and design of discussions

  • Standard configurations are available in the Content section. You can choose whether or not new messages are authorized, if the search bar should be hidden or displayed, whether or not to display the [ Allow Follow ] button (see the Description in Product name - ev itsm.png), and specify alternative labels for different widget fields.
             Sortie de version 1_html_mdb1a274.png
  • Design parameters are found in the Theme section. The Element drop-down list is used to select the specific part of the discussion you want to configure.
             Sortie de version 1_html_5c66f92a.png  Sortie de version 1_html_5c66f92a2.png
  • You can follow and unfollow discussions in the same way as in Product name - ev itsm.png.
             Sortie de version 1_html_3d44239a.png

Indicator for unread discussions

You can now add an indicator to show users the number of unread messages from their personal and followed discussions.

The example below uses the Menu widget.

  • The indicator appears as follows:
             Sortie de version 1_html_m451490fc.png
  • The KPI is configured in the Data Picker by selecting the NB_NOT_READ field of the data source and by specifying that the first row of the table must be used.
             Sortie de version 1_html_1f6f4344.png
             Sortie de version 1_html_m7cd5d23b.png


  • The NB_NOT_READ field is a virtual field that is dynamically added by Product name - ev itsm.png.
  • Remember to specify a value for refreshing the data source in order to update the indicator value.

Interactions with Product name - ev itsm - big.pngService Manager

  • Discussions created using the new widget are Front Office discussions while discussions managed in Product name - ev itsm.png are solely Back Office discussions.
  • The avatar defined in Product name - ev sas.png is prioritized for discussions. If it is not available, then the one from Product name - ev itsm.png is used.
  • The link to the Product name - ev itsm.png form is automatically generated by the system.

Example documentation icon EN.png  Discussion in Product name - ev sas.png with a direct link to the Incident form
         Sortie de version 1_html_8725b2b.png

  • If you are a discussion moderator in Product name - ev itsm.png (with access rights to the Administration >  Manage Discussions menu), you will inherit the same status in Product name - ev sas.png. You will be able to delete discussions displayed by the widget as long as the All discussions view was selected in the data source configuration.

Knowesia Widget

The Knowesia widget allows you to integrate Knowesia resolution scenarios into an Product name - ev sas.png App page. The content displayed can be either Knowesia projects or procedures.

      Open url.png See Knowesia Documentation (FR) for more information about the principle of operation

      Example documentation icon EN.png  A Knowesia widget integrated into an app page
         Sortie de version 6_html_Knowesia.png

Properties of the Knowesia widget

Sortie de version 6_html_Knowesia2.png

  • Root From Knowesia Website: Your Knowesia URL
  • Knowesia Type: Project or Procedure
  • Url: GUID of the URL allowing you to determinate the project or the procedure to display
  • Theme: Knowesia theme you want to use when