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Title Error Description Workaround
Questions of type Upload on Multi-Sections questionnaires The execution context is not applied when attachment files uploaded on Multi-Sections questionnaires are stored. This can result in an error or documents being stored with incorrect references. Will be fixed in the next patch.

In the meantime, you should not use this type of question in Multi-Sections questionnaires

Graphic Editor of Apps: Data Source utilization counter Only the widgets on pages that were edited during the edition session are considered in the Data Sources utilization counter. Will be enhanced in a next release.

In the meantime, open all pages of the app to make sure this counter is correct (before deleting unused Data Sources, for example).

Tiket update wizard When a ticket's description is updated, data is not automatically refreshed on the modified record with some pages configuration. You should refresh the page in order to see the record updated.
Firefox: Border Radius option on a New Request button When editing again a New Request button, the Border Radius option is systematically reset to zero. Use Chrome when possible.

There is no workaround under Firefox. You should set the value again

Line charts with integer numbers Line charts are wrongly displayed with integer numbers and the Float option for the measure axis (the default value). Select the Integer option for the Measure Axis Data Type on the Chart section.
Datetime fields display format This type of fields is wrongly displayed when presented for a single record (+000 added at the end). But the format is correct on List mode (Data Viewer). Will be fixed in the next patch.

Note: You should not use the None option on the Definition of field types property. Otherwise the field would no longer be considered as a date and this can result in differences in display formats (DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY)

Dates sorted alphabetically in Composite Data Sources The field used as key in composite Data Sources is always sorted alphabetically which is inconsistent when it comes to dates. While this defect persists, use a date format that is coherent with an alphabetical sorting like Year_N° Month or Year_N° Week.
Menu widget: link of an app While configuring a link of type Application Button on a Menu widget, the application selected is systematically replaced with the last application on the gallery (alphabetical order). Copy the link to the desired application (via the shortcut or the Share Application URL icon) then paste on the menu item with the Href (Replace Window) option.
Aggregation functions in Data Picker Important numbers with thousands separator are not properly handled in the aggregation functions of the Data Picker. Use the Data Transformer to add the computed fields, then select them with the Data Picker.
Shortcut, Public app, Exposed Properties On a platform with Trusted Provider, when a shortcut to a page that requires authentication contains an exposed property is called, those are lost after authentication. Contact the Logo - EasyVista.png supportfor a workaround (
Slider widget: Background image not displayed under IE 11 Background images set on the panels of a Sliding Panel widget are not displayed under IE 11. N/A
KPI widget A KPI widget may be wrongly displayed when contained within TAB or Sliding Pages widgets (scroll bar, font size changes when navigating in the app or when the page is refreshed). While this issue still remains, add KPI widgets directly on the page. Do not present them within other widgets.
Show Current Record not applied on the Mobile section The frame indicating the current element on a Data Viewer doesn't show on mobile devices if the Html is configured in the Mobile section. While this issue still remains, add a widget for mobile devices and add the Html code in the Line or Tile section.
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