Incidents Dashboard Template

This template enables you to install an incidents Back Office dashboard.

Incidents dashboard - All devices.png

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It is made up of the following sections:

  • (1) 4 KPIs: Opened incidents / Opened for VIP / Late / Closed with immediate resolution
  • (2) A Line chart displaying new incidents and closed incidents. The chart is based on a Composite data source
  • (3) The number of incidents opened with high urgency
  • (4) The incidents list with a search on the recipient. (5) A click on an incident will display:
    • The main information.
    • The history of actions.
    • The attachments with the possibility to download them.
  • (6) A Pie chart displaying the repartition by category
  • (7) A Bar chart displaying the repartition by department and recipient

         Incidents dashboard.png

Procedure: How to install and use the template

Step 1: Importing the template to Product name - ev sas.png.

1. Download the file below to your workstation.
         Download icon.png  Template

2. Import the downloaded file to Product name - ev sas.png by clicking Apps - Gallery - Import icon.png Import in the Gallery toolbar.

Step 2: Importing reports to Product name - ev itsm.png.

1. (optional) Implement the download functionality linked to incidents and service requests if your Product name - ev itsm.png version is prior to 2016.1.267.0.
    Open url.png  See the procedure

2. Download the file below to your computer.

Note: Parent queries are not exported with the report. This means that the items you update will not be overwritten when report is imported.

        Download icon.png Report

3. Import the downloaded file to Product name - ev itsm.png by selecting Administration > Import/Export > Import in the menu.

Step 3: Creating your Product name - ev sas.png apps.

Best Practice icon.png You should always work on a duplicate of the template. This enables you to import new improved versions provided by Logo - EasyVista.png without having to replace your apps.

1. Duplicate the template you just imported.

2. Rename the duplicated template.

3. Associate an image with it.

4. Create the shortcut pointing to your app.

5. Repeat this procedure for each new app created using the same template.

Step 4 (optional): Customizing your apps.

1. Select the theme you want via via Apps - Application properties icon.png in the graphical editor.

2. Select your company logo in the Connected user & Log Out widget.

3. Replace the default KPIs.

  • Modify the data sources.
  • Modify the titles of widgets.

4. Modify the titles of widgets and the labels of the Composite data source.

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