The Icon Library of Apps

The Image Picker is used to select an icon from the Logo - EasyVista.png icon gallery or an image available on a local server or on the Internet.


  • You cannot modify the contents of the icon gallery provided by Logo - EasyVista.png.
  • Images downloaded manually to the icon gallery will only be available for the current app.
  • Only .png, .svg and .jpg images are supported.

Screen description


In a Menu widget, click O. In a Sliding Image widget, click Apps - Select image icon.png. In the text editor, click Apps - Text Editor - Image icon.png (Insert image) or Apps - Text Editor - Background image icon.png (Background image).

Apps - widget Menu - Access to icon library.png

EVApps - widget Sliding Image - Image list.png

Apps - Icon Library - Text Editor access.png

Once you have selected an icon, its thumbnail will appear (2).

For a background image, click Apps - Select image icon.png


Icons Gallery tab

Icons in the Logo - EasyVista.png icon gallery are grouped by category.
         Apps - Icon Library - Icons gallery tab.png

  • Click one of the categories (1) to display its contents and select the image you want.
  • You can filter images by name (2). Only those categories containing images corresponding to your search criteria will appear.
  • Already selected images are indicated by Apps - Image Picker selected image.png.

Uploaded Images tab

This tab contains external images that were downloaded manually to the app's icon gallery.
         Apps - Icon Library - Uploaded images tab.png

  • The selected image is encoded in base64 in the app.
  • Already selected images are indicated by Apps - Image Picker selected image.png.
  • To delete an image, move the cursor over it and click Apps - Image Picker delete image.png.
  • Add local image icon.png Add a local image: Used to insert an image available on a local server.
  • Add image URL icon.png Add image via URL: Used to select an image available on the Internet via its URL.
             Apps - Select image via URL.png

Image Link tab

Used to select an image by specifying its URL.
         Apps - Icon Library - Image link tab.png

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