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Apps - Datasource - EasyVista Self Help icon.png  This data source belongs to the Applications category in the data source library. It is used to define a data source linked to a Product name - ev Self Help project.

The contents are then displayed using a Self Help widget.


  Open url.png  See General remarks on data sources.

  • A SelfHelp connector must first be created. The domain is the one where the Self Help server is located.

List of properties


Alias/Connector: easyvista IT Service Manager connector that enables Product name - ev Self Help.png to connect to the Product name - ev itsm.png platform.

Alias/Connector Self Help: SelfHelp connector used by the data source.

Locale: Language used for displaying the contents of the Self Help widget when it is called.

  • You must define this parameter in the following format, Language_Region.
             Example documentation icon FR.png  en_us: For American English; fr_fr: For French
  • You can use all languages that are supported in Self Help and that have a translation.

Type: Type of contents displayed. This can be a Product name - ev Self Help.png project or procedure.

Project ID or Alias/Procedure ID: ID (GUID or full alias) of the Product name - ev Self Help.png project or procedure to be run.

  • The full alias will have the following format, Product name - ev Self Help.png domain name/Project or procedure alias. Caution: The name is case-sensitive.

    Example documentation icon FR.png  DemoEVK/selfhelp ==> the domain is DemoEVK, the project alias is selfhelp

Connection Account: Account used to connect to Product name - ev Self Help.

  • If the account is not specified, then the account of the user who is logged in to Product name - ev sas.png (trusted provider) will be used.
  • If the account is specified, the user must be declared in Product name - ev Self Help.png and the Connection without password option must be selected.

Use The Latest Version: Used to indicate if the last version of the Product name - ev Self Help.png project or procedure should be used (box is checked) or not (box is not checked).

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