EasyVista Self Help Data Source

Apps - Datasource - EasyVista Self Help icon.png This data source belongs to the Applications category in the data source library. Using a connector, it enables you to define a data source linked to a Self Help project.

You can then display the contents in an app using a Self Help widget. Open url.png  See the procedure.


  Open url.png See General remarks on data sources.

  • The EasyVista Self Help data source uses a Self Help connector. Open url.png See the description.
  • The Self Help project called by the data source is identified in the connector.

List of properties


Self Help Alias/Connector: Self Help connector used by the data source to access Self Help. Open url.png See the description.

EasyVista Alias/Connector: EasyVista IT Service Manager connector used by Self Help to connect to a Service Manager database. Open url.png See the description.

Type: Type of contents displayed. 

  • Project: The contents are those of a Self Help project.
    • The Self Help project ID is specified in the Self Help connector.
  • Procedure: The contents are those of a Self Help procedure.
    • The procedure ID is specified in the Procedure ID field. This is the GUID or full alias in the following format, <Domain name>/<Procedure alias>. Caution: The name is case-sensitive.

example  DemoEVK/selfhelp ==> DemoEVK domain, selfhelp procedure alias

Use The Latest Version: Used to indicate if the version of the Self Help project or procedure to be used should be the last published version (box is checked) or not (box is not checked).

Search Value: Text automatically searched for in the contents of the Self Help project or procedure when the app is run. Occurrences found will appear in the list of results.

example  Search Value = agent ==> All Self Help project procedures with the word, agent will automatically appear in the list of results when the app is run.

Search value example.png

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