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Note: Minimum Product name - ev sas.png version required: Phosphorus

This template app enables you to access a quick overview of all important information related to corporate contracts, such as budgetary data, duration, renewal conditions, etc.
From anywhere (in a meeting with a supplier, in an airport lounge, etc.), all data relevant to a specific contract is available at your fingertips, on your smartphone or tablet.

It is shipped in a Mobile version.

Contract Manager - All devices.png

Home page

         Contract Manager - Home page.png

The Home page is made up of four zones:

  • (1) A search field for contracts. Open url.png See the description.
  • (2) A pane displaying the number of contracts due to expire, the breakdown of contracts by category and the total number of contracts. Open url.png See the description.
  • (3) A pane displaying financial data in contracts, such as total monthly payments and the next quarterly payments.
  • (4) Links to the charter governing the corporate contract policy and an information request form.

Search field

         Search List.png

  • (1) You can run a search using the author, contract number or manager. Click Display popup icon.png to display the list of contracts that meet the search criteria specified.
  • A list of filters (2) is available.
  • Each row (3) displays the following information:
    • The supplier's logo stored in Product name - ev itsm.png.
    • The contract reference and expiry date.
    • The contract category represented by an icon.
    • The contract manager.
  • Click the relevant row to display contract details.
    • (1) Description, supplier, manager and location.
    • (2) A chart displaying the contract life cycle with start and end dates, the required prior notice and contract duration.
    • (3) The contract renewal decision and total contract cost.
    • (4) The documents associated with the contract. Click the [ ATTACHMENTS ] button to manage and view attached documents.
    • (5) The supplier's contact details. Click [ CALL ] to call the supplier.
    • (6) A discussion pane for discussing service-related aspects and obtaining additional information on the contract.
               Search List - Detail.png

Number of contracts and breakdown of contracts by category

         Contracts number and distribution.png

This pane displays the following:

  • The number of contracts due to expire this month.
  • The breakdown of contracts by category. Move the cursor over a category to display the number of contracts.
             Contracts distribution - Detail.png
  • The total number of contracts.

Procedure: How to install and use the template app

1. Download and import the elements below to Product name - ev sas.png by clicking Apps - Gallery - Import icon.png Import in the App Gallery toolbar:

  • Contract Manager theme
             Download icon.png Mobile Version

    Caution: The theme must be public. To do this:
    • Once it is imported, click Apps - Gallery - Theme design icon.png Theme Design in the App Gallery toolbar to open it and then click Apps - Manage themes icon.png in the theme editor.
    • Display its general properties by clicking Apps - Application properties icon.png. Select Published Padlock open icon.png in the Published property and click [ OK ].
    • If required, modify the theme in line with the style guide of your company.
    • Click EVApps - GUI - Save icon.png to save it.
  • Contract Manager template app
             Download icon.png Mobile Version

    Caution: Check that the theme is correctly displayed by the app. To do this:
    • Once the app is imported, display its general properties by clicking Apps - Gallery - Edit properties icon.png next to its name in the App Gallery.
    • If required, select the new theme from the Theme list and click [ OK ].

2. Download and import the reports below to Product name - ev itsm.png by selecting Administration > Import/Export > Import in the menu:
         Download icon.png Batch of reports

  • APPS - Provider
  • APPS - Contract Management
  • APPS - Document

3. Create your Product name - ev sas.png apps:

  • Duplicate the app imported in step 1.
  • Give it another name and associate an image with it.

Best Practice icon.png  You should always work on a duplicated template app. This enables you to import subsequently improved versions provided by Logo - EasyVista.png without having to replace your apps.

4. Create the required shortcuts pointing to your new apps.

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