Theme Properties Widgets - 2016 and Prior Versions Specificities

Service Manager version: 2016 and earlier

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General properties

On Small Devices Only Used to configure a version of the widget for each type of device, e.g. PC, smartphone or tablet.
Hide on Small Devices Used to indicate if the widget should be hidden (box is checked) or displayed (box is not checked) on small device screens, e.g. smartphone or tablet. Note: On big device screens, e.g. PC or TV, all widgets are displayed, regardless of the option enabled.

Best Practice icon.png

  • To display a widget on all device screens, i.e. PC, smartphone and tablet, unselect both boxes.
  • In the graphic editor, click Apps - GUI - Mobile view icon.png (Mobile mode) to view only the widgets to be displayed on small devices. Click Apps - GUI - Desktop view icon.png (Desktop mode) to hide them.
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