Executive Dashboard Template

Template app operational from the Phosphore version of Product name - ev sas.png

This template app, aimed at company information systems managers, presents the various options for displaying information system dashboards.

  • It comes in both Workstation and Mobile versions.
  • Every dashboard is different and must be built by trying to answer the questions that you ask in your environment. The application is intended to provide you primarily with graphics that give you a professional look. 
IT Dashboard - All devices.png

Home page

      IT Dashboard - Home page.png

The Home page consists of three sections:

  • (1) A menu on the left-hand side, providing access to various options:
    • A Home button: return to the home page
    • Cost management: data on the various IS costs -  Open url.png see Description
    • Service Health: data on service availability -  Open url.png see Description
    • Service Desk: data on incidents/requests -  Open url.png see Description
    • Asset Management: data on assets (contracts, servers, employees, etc.) -  Open url.png see Description
    • Project: data on projects (number, health, location, etc.) -  Open url.png see Description
  • (2) A summary of the dashboard indicators, displayed as a percentage or an average, with percentage changes.
  • (3) Service health of each business stream.

The left-hand menu

Cost Management Page

The page displays information system costs in various ways:

  • (1) Current month KPI indicators with percentage change:
    • Total cost of the IS
    • Amount rebilled by the IS
  • (2) Incident / Service Request / Problem cost tables:
    • Minimum cost
    • Maximum cost
    • Average cost
    • Total cost

      IT Dashboard - Cost Management page.png

Service Health Page

The page displays information on service availability:

  • (1) Percentage of service availability in the form of a dial, with a change indicator
  • (2) Service health by country
  • (3) Services currently unavailable. You can contact the manager by clicking on one of them.

      IT Dashboard - IT Health Status page.png
                   IT Dashboard - IT Health Status page - Contact.png

Service Desk Page

The page is divided into 3 parts:

  • (1) A set of Service Desk indicators:
    • Current incidents
    • Pending incidents
    • Current change requests
    • Customer satisfaction
  • (2) Pie chart showing the breakdown of requests by category
  • (3) Workload Table by group

      IT Dashboard - Service Desk page.png

Asset Management Page

The page is divided into 3 parts:

  • (1) A set of indicators, with percentage change, totaling:
    • the contracts
    • the assets
    • the servers
    • the employees
  • (2) Map showing the location of the assets
  • (3) Tables (with filter option) displaying:
    • distribution of suppliers
    • consumption by manufacturer
    • consumption by asset

      IT Dashboard - Asset Management page.png

Project Page

The page provides you with a project view in various forms:

  • (1) Number of projects in progress, with percentage change
  • (2) Service health by project (with filter option)
  • (3) Pie charts representing project breakdown by location and category

      IT Dashboard - Project page.png

Procedure: How to install and use the template app

1. Download and import the elements below to Product name - ev sas.png by clicking Apps - Gallery - Import icon.png Import in the App Gallery toolbar:

  • The Executive Dashboard theme
             Download icon.png  Workstation version
             Download icon.png  Mobile version

    Warning: The theme must be public. To do this:
    • Once it is imported, click Apps - Gallery - Theme design icon.png Theme Design in the App Gallery toolbar to open it and then click Apps - Manage themes icon.png in the theme editor.
    • Display its general properties by clicking Apps - Application properties icon.png. Select Published Padlock open icon.png in the Published property and click [ OK ].
    • If required, modify the theme in line with the style chart of your company.
    • Click EVApps - GUI - Save icon.pngto save it.
  • The Executive Dashboard template app
             Download icon.png  Workstation version
             Download icon.png  Mobile version

    Warning: Check that the theme is correctly displayed by the app. To do this:
    • Once the app is imported, display its general properties by clicking Apps - Gallery - Edit properties icon.png next to its name in the App Gallery.
    • If required, select the new theme from the Theme list and click [ OK ].

2. Create your own data (reports, CSV and CSV Online files) depending on what you want to display in the dashboards.

Note: This application does not contain downloadable reports. The data displayed are just provided as an example.

3. Create your Product name - ev sas.png apps:

  • Duplicate the template app imported in step 1.
  • Give it another name and associate an image with it.

Best Practice icon.png  You should always work on a duplicated template app. This enables you to import subsequently improved versions provided by Logo - EasyVista.png, without having to replace your apps.

4. Create the required shortcuts pointing to your new apps.

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