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EasyVista expends its offering with the acquisition of Goverlan and its solutions of Self-Healing, and the acquisition of Coservit and its solution of monitoring and AIOps, ServiceNav.

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Favicon white - 48.png Service Manager
EV Service Manager is the IT services management solution (ITSM) developed by EasyVista. It is used to deploy standard ITIL business processes such as incident management, change management, releases, etc.
Favicon white - 48.png Service Apps
Service Apps is the technology used for codelessly creating micro apps, portals and dashboards that are intuitive, responsive and adapted to your requirements.
Favicon white - 48.png Self Help / Service Bots
EV Self Help is the platform developed by EasyVista that enables you to manage knowledge content by modeling procedures in dynamic decision trees.

Service Bots is the technology used by EV Self Help for designing and deploying virtuals agents.

Favicon EV Observe white - 48.png ServiceNav
ServiceNav is a monitoring platform that provides predictive monitoring and performance analysis to support IT services.
Logo - Goverlan white.png
Goverlan is a software used for remote support and IT process automation.

Current Version: Goverlan Reach 10

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